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We begin our HOTEL journey in the Old English (OE) period, which spanned from about 449 to 1066. OE is what scholars refer to as the language of the Anglo-Saxons. As an introduction to the OE phase, I discuss these key concepts: PIE, Danish Invasions, Venerable Bede, King Alfred the Great, and Grimm’s Law.

Section Highlights:
  • PIE model
    • Hypothesized, unattested, mother tongue of all Indo-European languages
  • Danish Invasions
    • Of the North Germanic branch
    • Written about in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
    • Second linguistic invasion to the English language
  • Venerable Bede
    • His Ecclesiastical History first written history of English
    • Credited with giving 449 as the beginning of OE period
  • King Alfred the Great
    • Pushed to bring education and literature to the people
    • Arranged for many Latin works to be translated into English
    • Translations included Bede’s History
  • Grimm’s Law
    • Observed a sound change affecting consonants
    • Demonstrates Germanic languages share common ancestor