During my senior year at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, I experienced my first History of the English Language class (HOTEL for short) as an uninitiated, non-English major, faced with having to take a HOTEL course to finish my bachelor’s degree. The course was extremely difficult for me: There were many new and complex concepts I had to take in very rapidly and any underpinning knowledge I needed to follow the conversation was well-rusty (e.g. grammar, phonetics, etc.).

I created this website with other uninitiated learners in mind; who find themselves thumbing rides on the web in search of basic HOTEL insights to help them on their journey. So, if you’re new to the subject and/or a non-English major and/or someone who has found yourself faced with a HOTEL class, I hope my little website helps. Feel free to piggyback.

Hopefully, you’re here because you’ve recently become interested in the subject and want to dip your toes in the water. While I did find HOTEL challenging, I also found it tremendously interesting; so much so that I’m now on a journey that I know won’t end in my lifetime. I’m hooked on everything to do with the English language.

Because I’m only a student of the subject, this site will be updated as my knowledge progresses. I will endeavor, however, to keep the information and concepts on this site laid out in brain-soakable chunks and layers. However, I am aware that we humans suffer from not being able to remember what it was like to not know something, so please let me know if I drop the ball on this – I want to keep it fundamental. I appreciate your feedback.

My rules for success for newbies approaching HOTEL study:

  • Rule #1: Remain calm
  • Rule #2: Remember Rule #1
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